UPDATE: As per January 2021 my first yoga retreats abroad will be this autumn. Our scheduled retreat at Nythun in Valdres in January is moved to March. Looking forward to be able to travel safely again – in Norway and the rest of Europe. When time comes. 
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I'm a designer of yoga dreams with Jomfrureiser, and the help of all lovely people co-creating at site to make dreams come true. 
Invest in days at handpicked, super special locations with healthy foods and a deep dive into the world of Yoga and meditation with me. With love and laughter we explore our inner space into our outer surroundings. Find the essence inside and move into being more YOU. 
18-21/3  Yogadager i vinterlandet Valdres, Nythun – Få plasser igjen!
Mer informasjon og påmelding her:  https://fb.me/e/bgBy1fVEV eller på Jomfrureiser: https://www.jomfrureiser.no/norge-valdres-yoga-i-vinterprakt 
9-16/10 Move into being Essensual You – høstdager i Abruzzo, Italia.
Mer informasjon og påmelding her: 
March 15th-19th – Velværedager ved Gardasjøen – Days of Wellness at Garda, Italy. FULLY BOOKED! CANCELLED
May 9th-15 – Spring YOGA RETREAT to Abruzzo – and our fantastic hosts Ingrid and Pelle at Villalfonsina. BOOKING OPEN! CANCELLED
September 5th-12th – Late summer YOGA RETREAT to Abruzzo. BOOKING OPEN! CANCELLED
October  11th-16th – Move, breathe & be YOGA RETREAT to Alaró, Mallorca. BOOKING OPEN! CANCELLED
April – Move, breathe & be YOGA RETREAT to Abruzzo, Italy.
October – Move, breathe & be YOGA RETREAT to Alaró, Mallorca.

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