I believe we are taken on a journey through our body and our senses, and it's up to us if we just want to be a passenger in the back seat or if we truly want to get on board – explore and enjoy the ride.

To move ... free and limitless, and also in its meaning of moving towards something, like being in a change. We all are. And if we're not the ones in change people around us are. Feeling steadiness and being safe and grounded is the key to movement of all kinds – both on the inside and on the outside. 

Breathe ... in life and love. Opportunities. To live and love. 

Be. Just be. Rest in being you, and nothing less than you are. The love and the anger, the action and the stillness. Can you rest in being you? This is where yoga gets difficult. Can you let be and let go? 

I believe in flow.  To keep our body and mind flow – free of stagnation and blockages. A constant work. Sometimes huge changes aren't possible or even needed, but to get some flow into the stagnated parts of our body, mind and of course – life. And to meet yourself where you are right now is not only the best place to start, but the only place to start. Acknowledge, accept and move on from that very point. You are unique. And when we start to embody that uniqueness, we can start to explore. And along the way you will find your truths, happiness and love. 
My yoga is colored from the teachers and the teachings and trainings I've taken part of, but most of all my yoga and my way of doing yoga is a result of working with my body and trying to find ways to move freely, and to breathe and be ...at ease. Finding ways to ease back pain due to scoliosis. Wanting to breathe deep to ease asthma and allergies. 
My body has repeatedly connected me onto the path of yoga, breath work and meditation, and I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't mention the way yoga as a whole has helped me balance my mental health. And this was the reason I first found yoga. 

Yoga is mind changing. It helps us connect, change and charge – our minds and our body. 
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