The shorter story and getting under the skin
My passion is to get people to move, breathe & be through yoga. To get under our skin, to move from a place deep inside, to breathe from within and to be more happy in life. Learning ways to move to get flow in our body, to expand and to relax. Movement is for me is a continuous exploration and expression of life.
What is Anukalana Yoga? This is how the founder Jacopo Ceccarellli explains this soft, flowing yoga:

The most natural way to practice Yoga
Anukalana means "Integration" and is an approach to the practice of Yoga and Meditation that relying on the ancient tradition of Tantra integrates elements of disciplines that share its aims and principles.
The Integral and integrated Yoga of Anukalana makes it possible to adapt this discipline with your constitution and personality resulting in a faster way to experience the benefits  and the the transformations that these practices can lead when addressed naturally.
Anukalana Yoga is primarily the result of a long work of integration which allowed to regain an extremely fluid practice. The human body is made up with 75/80% of fluid matter and to move it respecting this nature makes it possible to multiply the benefits of asana practice in a fast way.
Investigating in the field of the oldest disciplines we discovered that the fluid movement has always been at the base of Indian traditional practices such as Dance (natana), Yoga (asanas and vinyasa), martial arts (yaudha). Using the most recent discoveries in anatomy (studies on the fascia and biomechanics), we developed a practice that respects the body in all its systems and parts and opens the mind naturally thus preparing to meditation.
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The longer story and the bliss of movement
Yoga stepped into my life at the age of 18 and have been a part of my life since. Off and on, pausing and getting back on the mat. Trying and failing. I mean, I thought I was failing. Of course I wasn't. When being challenged I moved away from it, but something in me told me to just go on. Keep trying. And I could feel the reward. In my body. And I could feel the change. Less pain and more at ease. Yoga is still moving me, challenging me and changing me. 
From an all physical interest in yoga as a sport til today's amazement in yoga and movement as a therapeutic method to heal. My initial way into yoga was through traditional or classic yoga, when just barely an adult. After having children, around 2003 my practice became regular and deepened, first with Hatha –  traditional yoga, and soon I became attracted to the physical part of yoga through Ashtanga yoga. Which was my way of yoga for around 10 years, even though I searched into other traditions as well. Being a person with a love for sports and physical activity, the full aspect of yoga came little by little, when trying to find ways to heal injuries and be more happy. On my way to find flow in my body and peace in mind I found Anukalana Yoga. Opening up for a continuous flow of movement – also through dance – has widened my perspective and understanding about the therapeutic benefits of movement. Embodied Flow is another great inspiration and has merged the longing for free movement, dance and yoga for me. 
To move is to feel and express ourselves – and though our feelings and expressions are our own personal experience, we share without words in the movements of our bodies while learning to listen. If we have time.

I'm a certified advanced yoga and meditation teacher RYT 500+ in Yin yoga, Hatha, Anukalana yoga and Embodied Flow registered with Yoga Alliance, and IYTA. Continuously deepening my studies of yoga and movement.  
Finding and exploring yoga, shamanism, and reiki (healing) at an early age and as a young adult when searching ways to heal from eating disorders, and returning to the path of self discovery after two kids. Gaining knowledge about yoga, meditation and spirituality with studies through various immersions, workshops and trainings with renowned teachers such as Cuchira – Tamara Levinson, Bronwen Kettleson, Dice Iida-Klein, Tim Feldmann, Ella Cojocaru, Manel Rodrigues among others. Leading up to teacher trainings in Hatha Yoga at Urban OM, Stockholm, SE – 200H YTT Hatha/vinyasa with Giselle Mari, Satyadev Barman, Radha Rajani, Jenny Aurthur, Noah McKenna and Luc Benet, and studies in Anukalana yoga with the founder, Jacopo Ceccarelli at Samadi Formazione Yoga, Firenze, IT – 300H YTT. Embodied Flow yin yoga TT with Scott Lyons and Satu Tuomela, and ongoing 300H Immersive Teacher Training with Tara Judelle (autumn 2019).  

Born in Östersund, Sweden and moved to Norway in 1994. Working in Handelsbanken (banking) 1990-2004, and starting the first franchise shop of  Polarn O. Pyret in Norway in 2004(-2007). Studies in fine arts (2007-2011) and graphic design (2011-2014), and working as an accountant and treasurer. Working freelance as a graphic designer and with marketing since 2014. Living with my family in Vollen, Norway. 
Yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga at Urban OM, Stockholm, SE – 200H YTT
Advanced yoga and meditation teacher in Anukalana Yoga at Samadhi Formazione Yoga, Firenze, IT – 300H YTT
Immersion/teacher training 50H/100H in Embodied Flow Yin 2018 
Yoga Teacher Training – Embodied Flow Advanced Modules, 100 H Body 2019 Paros, Greece, 100 H Expression 2020, Bali. 

Started teaching small classes in home community in 2010, and have been teaching full time since 2016, today having enjoyed around 1500 teaching hours (2018).
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